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I have some exciting News!

Welcome to my new and improved blog!! Yayyy! I’ve been working very hard on renewing my blog. I missed writing about the things I like so much that I decided to get back at it again. And not the writing alone, I will also create…

A Beauty Day! | Vlog 114

Today I am working out and having a beauty day at home.

Fillers & Mini Shoplog | Vlog 112

Today I’m going back to the Face & Body Boutique to get a check-up for my fillers and I’m doing a mini shoplog!

FHM Party 2017 | Vlog 111

Today I’m showing you my newly renovated bathroom and I’m taking you along to a FHM party.

Shumi’s First Time on the Beach | Vlog 110

Today is Shumi’s first time ever on the beach! Also I’m getting my eyebrows done, a pedicure and I’m cuddling with the cutest puppy ever!!! Enjoy!  

Wait…I peed where?! | Vlog 109

I can’t believe I did this!!  

Visiting a Japanese garden | Vlog 108

Today I’m going to a Japanese garden and the big renovation of my bathroom starts! Ugh, dust everywhere!!! Enjoy!  

Getting Lash Extensions + Discount Code!! | Vlog 106

Today I’m getting my eyelash extensions! I’m getting the same ones I had before going to Miss World. I got these eyelash extensions as a gift from Lisa and since I’m such a fan of her work, I have a big discount for you!! Discount…

OMG I’m Getting Botox & Fillers!! | Vlog 105

OMG Today I’m getting Botox and Fillers!!! On Saturday, I will post a video with the full procedure where I will show you what I got done, why and how it’s done! Make sure to watch it!!  

Eww Gross Pore Strips! | Vlog 103

Today I am at home editting and using pore strips! Can’t believe what’s coming out of my skin! Enjoy!  

Shumi’s First Birthday! | Vlog 102

Today is Shumi’s first birthday!! So she’s 1 year old right now ❤ Today’s vlog is all about my little baby ❤ Enjoy!  

Cocktails with BFF Awisa | VLOG 100

OMG today I’m showing you my 100th vlog!! How exciting!! Anyway, I’m hanging out in Amsterdam with my BFF Awisa! We go for dinner and end up having cocktails. So much fun!! Enjoy!  

Obsessed with these Glitter Shoes | Vlog 99

Today I’m at work and obsess about my super awesome Glittery sneakers! Enjoy Watching!  

I Ripped My Pants! | Vlog 98

Yup it has happened guys! I accidentaly ripped my pants! Check out the video to see what happened! Enjoy!  

A Relaxing King’s Day | Vlog 97

Today I’m gonna try to celebrate King’s Day! Wanna see how that’ll go? Watch the video! Enjoy!!  

King’s Night Superfun! | Vlog 96

Today I take you along with me as I celebrate King’s Night!! Enjoy!

Will my eyebrows be ok?! | Vlog 95

Today I’m getting my eyebrows done…Are they gonna be ok?!  

OMG I got lost in a dark underground cave!!! | Vlog 94

Today I’m going on an adventure and end up in a pitch black dark cave! It’s superscary because, of course, I get lost! OMG!! Enjoy!  

Carpool Karaoke with Dounia | Vlog 93

Today I start shooting for my new project! I can’t say what it is yet, but I’m super excited about it!! Also, Dounia and me have to drive more than 3 hours to another city. So, what to do when you have so much time…

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