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I have some exciting News!

Welcome to my new and improved blog!! Yayyy! I’ve been working very hard on renewing my blog. I missed writing about the things I like so much that I decided to get back at it again. And not the writing alone, I will also create […]

A Beauty Day! | Vlog 114

Today I am working out and having a beauty day at home.

Fillers & Mini Shoplog | Vlog 112

Today I’m going back to the Face & Body Boutique to get a check-up for my fillers and I’m doing a mini shoplog!

FHM Party 2017 | Vlog 111

Today I’m showing you my newly renovated bathroom and I’m taking you along to a FHM party.

Shumi’s First Time on the Beach | Vlog 110

Today is Shumi’s first time ever on the beach! Also I’m getting my eyebrows done, a pedicure and I’m cuddling with the cutest puppy ever!!! Enjoy!  

Wait…I peed where?! | Vlog 109

I can’t believe I did this!!  

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