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Mouthguard Cheese Challenge with BFF’s Awisa, Mascha & Gregor (Dutch)

Hi all, It’s finally here! The Highly requested video with all of us together! I can’t believe we haven’t made a Goob-video before. But better late than never! This is a Dutch video, very occasionally I might still post something in Dutch. But if so, I […]

Valentine’s Challenge ft. Margot Hanekamp (Dutch)

❤ HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! ❤ Today I will be doing the Valentine’s Challenge!! I won’t be doing this alone, but together with Margot Hanekamp. She went to Miss World after me, so who would be better in spreading the love than the two of us right?! […]

Snowman Challenge ft. Charity (Dutch)

This week I’m doing the Snowman Challenge with my friend Charity! We’re going to try and build one that is taller than me! I am 1.78 cm. myself so it has to be quite the tall snowman for it to become taller than me! Do […]

Pie Face Challenge ft. Sarah Kohan

Today I have another superfun challenge for you! I will be doing the Pie Face Challenge with Sarah Kohan. Who do you think is going to win this week?! The video starts in Dutch, but I’ve added subtitles. So turn them on and you’ll understand […]

Happy New Year & The Oliebollen Challenge! (Mukbang) (Dutch)

Today I have another fun challenge for you! I have been dared to do the Oliebollen Challenge (Dough Balls Challenge) where I will be eating as many Oliebollen as possible. Oliebollen are a Dutch dough treat that is eaten around New Year’s. How many do […]

3 dagen NO sugar challenge (Dutch)

3 dagen NO sugar challenge (Dutch)

Een suikerverslaving. Ja, het bestaat echt! Ik heb onlangs een artikel geschreven over de gevolgen van suiker op je lichaam (lees hier het artikel over suiker). Maar wat nou als je zo erg gewend bent om suiker te eten en je het gevoel hebt dat […]

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