Healing Crystals explained by science

Healing Crystals explained by science

As a little girl I collected rocks. The pockets of all my coats where filled with rocks, to the frustration of my mom who found rocks everywhere. She tried to get rid of some of them but told me that I threw a tantrum whenever I found out. I’m not sure why I was so attached to them then. All I remember is that I found them all unique and beautiful in their own way.

Now that I’m older my love for rocks has grown into a love for beautiful crystals and gemstones. Special pieces created by our wonderful mother earth. I carry them with me and have many of them all around my house. Why? Because I find them beautiful but also because I love to surround myself with the wonders of nature and its healing powers. 

Some people say it’s impossible for a little piece of stone to have healing powers and find it ridiculous of me to say such things. If you are one of those people then that’s ok. You probably want scientific proof right? healing crystals Kyanite
So let’s get scientific!

The earth, the air, our human bodies and literally everything in and around us exists out of multiple atoms. Atoms are tiny little particles, not visible to the naked eye. Atoms themselves exist out of multiple little particles too. They have positive protons and neutral neutrons surrounded by flying negative electrons. Each little atom is the basis for everything that exists. 

Protons and electrons are both oppositely charged, just like a magnet. Neutrons posses no electrical charge. Each proton in an atom carries the same positive charge, and each electron carries the same opposite charge and there are just as many protons as there are electrons in one atom. They all work together to stay in balance. An atom in balance is electrically neutral.atomAn atom can be brought out of balance by disturbing the electrons. For example, by rubbing an object in between your hands you could disturb the amount of electrons in the atom and in turn the atoms will become more or less electrically charged. A charged atom is called an ion. 

Now, not every atom is equal. The atoms of steel are different than the atoms of water. The amounts of protons, neutrons and electrons in steel compared to water are not the same. This is why you can easily move your hand through water but not through steel. This is also why it’s easier for some objects to become charged electrically or to posses more or less energy. 

In the following video you’ll see a cool experiment with an example of what happens when you take atoms out of balance. It can change the whole structure, density and look of an object.

So now that we know that everything is made out of atoms, all with different amounts of energy. We’re going to look at the human body. Our bodies exists out of water for more or less 75%. Now imagine different frequencies of energy, let’s say sounds, being played next to your body. Having seen the video above, you can probably imagine how it could affect our body right? Our bodies are made up out of atoms, which are sensitive to change when impacted by different frequencies of energy just like anything else. 

You can read more about atoms and how they work here, here and here.

Healing crystals

Atoms, Energy and Crystals

As we’ve established above, everything exists out of atoms and energy. Just in different proportions. Every healing crystal and gemstone exists out of different materials. They are all created through different kinds of natural processes that can sometimes takes millions of years to form. All of this results in different kinds crystals and gemstones with different frequencies of energy. 

So just like the bass in the experiment, a healing crystal can carry their own energy that could affect our bodies. Not as much so that we turn the liquids in our bodies into a dense matter, but enough to influence our body in other ways. 

So what can healing crystals or gemstones do?

As said before every crystal is different. The size and even their color can make a difference. When we have a crystal in a certain color, of a certain size and hold it in our hand, it can influence our body because of their energy frequency. The frequency of their energy can influence the frequency of our energy. 

(Another quick science lesson: all atoms absorb light in a different way which is why we see things as the way they appear in front of our eyes. This is also the reason why people use color therapy for many things. I will write another article about this topic soon.)

With so many different existing crystals and gemstones it’s kind of difficult to mention all of their abilities. Some of the abilities of crystals and gemstones are healing, protecting, cleansing, better focus, opening up your heart, becoming more confident, help against anxiety and much more. Most of the abilities are based on the emotional energy level. The crystals and gemstones are often used to remove negative energy, in order to ultimately restore the emotional energy level again.

healing crystal amethyst

Let’s take a look at the beautiful purple Amethyst. This is a popular healing crystal that most of us know or have seen before. It’s quite popular because it looks extremely beautiful and has powerful healing abilities. The Amethyst is known for its protective and cleansing powers. It carries a calming and serene energy that will help you unwind and relax. Among many more things, it soothes the body, reduces anxious nerves and restlessness. An Amethyst is an excellent crystal to use for when you feel anxious or wound up. It will ease your muscles and instantly help you feel more relaxed and at peace.Healing crystals

Still not convinced?

Just for fun, go to a store where they sell healing crystals and simply just hold different kinds of crystals in your hand. There are  small ones that you can easily hold in your hand. Don’t think about it too much, just feel. Be aware of what you’re holding and feel. You might not feel anything with some of them, but you will definitely feel something with at least one healing crystal! 

So now that we’ve looked at healing crystals from a scientific point of view I hope that you understand the way they work a little bit better. It has nothing to do with hocus pocus, it’s literally pure science. To not believe in them is to not believe in ourselves! And we all believe that we exist right?! If for some reason you still refuse to believe in their healing abilities, than at least you can’t deny that they look absolutely stunning. So go and surround yourself with beautiful things! And their healing properties, whether you believe in them or not, won’t hurt right?!

Anyway, I would love know what you think of healing crystals and gemstones. Do you use them? And if you do is it just for decoration, for their healing properties or for both? Tell me all about it in the comments!



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