Ideal of Sweden Unboxing and 20% Discount Code

Ideal of Sweden Unboxing and 20% Discount Code

The other day I received a package from Ideal of Sweden, a luxury brand for phone accessories. My current phone case is also from them and everywhere I go people compliment me on my awesome phone case. I love their amazing products! So let’s see what they’ve sent me this time! scroll down for discount code


Look at all the beautiful products they’ve sent me! I love how their packaging looks like little gift boxes. These boxes are also very convenient for storage, so that your items won’t get damaged.

Phone cases ideal of sweden

These phone cases are so beautiful and bright! I love how the colors pop and look so realistic. I love crystals, gemstones and plants so these cases couldn’t be any more right for me! The quality of these cases are also very sturdy, they cover your phone very well.  No more worries that the case will fall off when you drop your phone and causes you to end up with a cracked screen. Once they’re on, they’re on!quilted case ideal of sweden

quilted case This one is so cute! Like a little purse for your phone. I often don’t want to bring a whole bag with me, just my phone and some cards. This one is perfect for those moments!

Clutch ideal of swedenClutch

And finally, how adorable are these clutches?! It fits your phone, some cards and a few more little things like your keys or lipgloss. Perfect for a night out or to match with a cute outfit! Thanks Ideal of Sweden for all these cute accessories!

20% Discount Code

Since I like these products so much, I’m giving you a 20% off discount code. Use code ‘TJANA20’ for a 20% off discount on their webshop. The code is valid for 1 week (so from september 13th till september 20th). Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


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