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This week I uploaded a few vlogs of a bachelorette party that I organized and I decided to make a video on how to organize a bachelorette party in Amsterdam. When I was organizing the one for my bff, I couldn’t really find anything about it online, so in order to help you out I’ve made a step-by-step guide on how to organize a bachelorette party in Amsterdam. My way isn’t the only way of course, but it can be helpful and will give you a head start on planning your party!

I do realize that it’s hard to remember everything I said in the video which is why I’ve typed it all out for you. Now you can print it out, save it on your laptop or phone and have it on hand whenever you need it!

Let’s begin!

A step by step guide for organizing your bachelorette party

  1. Dates!

The very first thing you wanna do is think about the bride to be. Is she a very busy girl or is she quite flexible with her time? 

I know that many bachelorette parties are organized as a surprise, but if your bride is very busy it might be handy to ask her for a few dates on which she’s available beforehand. That way you know for sure that she’ll be present at her party. 

If she’s more flexible with her time, you could at least tell her the week in which the party will take place. That way she can prepare herself for it as well mentally and physically. I mean, the day is about her and who would want to have a special day looking or feeling like crap right?

how to organize a bachelorette party in amsterdam

2. The Guest list

Second, you should think about the guest list. Do you already know who the bride wants to have at her party? Great! If not, then ask her for a list with their contacts. I think it’s always best to ask her. For example, some people would love to have their mom at their bachelorette and some people absolutely don’t! Keep these things in mind, since, again, you want to make HER feel special.

When you’ve acquired the guest list, it’s time to contact them. You could all call them individually, but with today’s technology it’s very easy to just do it through a group chat, like on WhatsApp or any other app. Keep the group private though, since you’re still planning a surprise for the bride! So don’t add the bride herself in the group! Add all the girls, tell them that they’re invited for the bachelorette and send them the list of optional dates. The ones the bride gave you beforehand. Let them tell you which two options suits them best. 

I love to work with 2 options because that way you have a little bit of playing room when organizing things. For example if you want to do an activity and the one day isn’t available, then you still have the option for the other one.

how to organize a bachelorette party

3. Budget

Third, Budget. It’s is very important to determine early on how much money you can spend on the bachelorette. Most of the times all invitees will put in some money to create a budget. The bride herself doesn’t have to pay for anything since this day is a gift to her from all the others, but of course if you decide otherwise then that is totally fine. 

By creating a budget keep in mind that not everyone has the same amount of money to spare. For example: The CEO of a company has more money to spend than a student. You could ask each member privately how much they can afford to spend. If they have less to spend than someone else, then give them another option that would fit their budget better. Remember, this day is about having fun and not about worrying if you’ll be able to pay your rent next month.


4. Brainstorm Time

Fourth, start brainstorming about what kind of party you want to organize. Again, keep the bride to be in mind. Don’t get a stripper if she hates strippers, but also don’t organize a high tea if she’s been dreaming of a girls-gone-wild party.

You could come up with a theme and go from there. Start writing down fun ideas associated with that theme, and google the options. Where would you like to go? What would you like to do? Is it safe and suitable for all the invitees? For example: If you want to go skydiving and there are members of your party that are pregnant or afraid of hights, then that wouldn’t be the greatest activity to do right? The day is about the bride to be, but all participants should be able to have fun!

5. Activities

Once you’ve narrowed down what kind of party you would like to have and what kind of activities you’d want to do; it’s time to start contacting different companies that provide those activities. Ask them about pricing and if they have special group deals. If you’re not sure what to do you could ask them for advice. Like, if they know some fun things that are related to what you’re planning to do or what their most popular activities are. Tell them about your group and they’ll tell you what they think could be most fun for you girls! Once you’ve collected all your information and made sure it fits your budget it’s time to make reservations! 

Make sure to spread your activities throughout the day to provide the right amount of active moments with rest moments in between so that you won’t feel lost for things to do or become so tired that you can’t enjoy the next thing anymore. 

Also make sure that you have enough eat and drink moments in between so that everyone is well nourished throughout the day. We brought many snacks and bottles of water just to be sure.

snacks and drinks

The companies that we used

Amsterdam Bachelorette

The company that we used for most of our activities is called Amsterdam Bachelorette. We found that they had the best prices for what they offered and they also have many different activities to choose from, so there’s something fun for everyone! We also arranged our first transportation through them. The big fancy Hummer Limo you saw in the vlog!

The activities we did were: 

  • Old Dutch Naughty games where we played traditional Dutch games with a naughty twist.
  • A very private workshop, that was both informative and hilarious, but I promised the other girls not to mention it. Also not in this written out version, haha! #GirlSecrets
  • A Pimp my Dildo class where we all got to decorate our own dildo. This was also so much fun and somehow very therapeutic. It is located in an art studio right in the middle of the red light district in a typical old Amsterdam area, which makes it so much more special!


We had lunch and a party on our own private boat through the canals of Amsterdam. After a long search we found the best company for our party. The company is called Kinboat and again they had the best price and quality for what we wanted.

We got the G-star Raw boat, this one is quite big and it has the option to be fully closed off in case it would rain. With the Dutch weather this is a very important factor to consider when renting a boat.
If you need a smaller or different kind of boat; they have many option on boat rentals and the boats come with a captain which is also very convenient since you need a special license to drive a boat through the Amsterdam canals.

We ordered lunch the day before and had it delivered at the starting point of the boat when we arrived. This way we were sure we’d have enough fresh food on our boat to eat.

how to organize a bachelorette party in amsterdam


In the evening we had dinner at the amazing Japanese restaurant & bar Hosokawa. We told them about our purple theme and they completely adjusted everything to a purple experience with purple cocktails, flowers, menus and many other details.

When booking a restaurant it’s important to consider the dietary needs of your group. Make sure to ask them about it before making any reservations, so that you can let the restaurant know beforehand. This way they can make sure to stock up on any necessary ingredients to provide you with the best experience possible. 

If there’s anything you’d like don’t shy away from asking about the possibilities. Many restaurants will do all they can to make your experience with them as pleasurable as possible. Keep in mind that sometimes depending on what you want; special requests might require an extra fee. Make sure to ask them about it before making your reservations to avoid unexpected costs. 

Karaoke bar

The clubs in Amsterdam don’t open before 11-ish, so after dinner we went to a karaoke bar! We went to 24K Karaoke to pre-game and sing our lungs out! A lot of fun!


After that we went clubbing at Mad Fox where we had a table and partied all night long! This club is closed down now, but luckily there are many other clubs in Amsterdam to consider for your night out. 

Just make sure to either book your table or buy tickets and look up the dresscode beforehand so that you won’t be disappointed when you arrive. You can also let the club know about any preferences or wishes you have, although these sometimes require an extra fee. 

how to organize a bachelorette party in amsterdam

6. Transportation and Housing

Once you’ve planned all your activities you’re going to have to look at transportation. If you’re all living in The Netherlands you just have to think about transportation from and to every activity. 

If you don’t live in The Netherlands you’re going to have to book flights or in some cases train tickets and hotel rooms. Train tickets are often available in a wide range but, since the cost and availability of flights change very quickly it is important to book your flights as soon as possible. Can you imagine having your whole day planned and not being able to get there’s no more flight available?! So make sure to take all of this into consideration!

When planning transportation it is important to consider what you’re starting point and final point will be. I made cab reservations the day before so that we always had a big enough car waiting for us to take us where ever we needed to be.

Don’t ever drive if you plan on drinking! It is not safe for you or anyone else.

Parking and driving in Amsterdam is an absolute nightmare it will take hours of your day, so walking, cycling, taking cabs and sometimes even boats are the best way to get around the city. 

There are many hotels available in Amsterdam, but some periods are busier than others so make sure to book your hotel as soon as possible as well to avoid disappointments. Make sure that every girl gets back home or to the hotel safely by the end of the night. Check to see if they are safe and to organize a bachelorette party in amsterdam

7. Other Things to consider

Other things to consider are:

  • Decorations: Where and when do you want to use decorations. You can buy decorations online and decorate yourself at a lower cost or hire someone to decorate for you. Some locations can adjust their decorations for your theme or will add some special touches to it. This needs to be discussed prior to the party and might come at an additional fee.
  • Goodiebags: Do you want to give each person a goodiebag or a little something to remember the day by? If so, what do you want? Where are you getting from? And how much does it cost? Will it be easy to carry around all day? 
  • Drinks and tips: Booze often costs more and you don’t always know before how much people will be drinking. Also leave some space for tips wherever needed. 
  • Extra cash: It is important to always carry some extra cash for unexpected costs. For example: 50 cent coins for toilets or emergency water bottles when needed.

And that’s it! This should help you out when planning your bachelorette party! If you still have any questions left, then please leave them in the comments down below and I might be able to help you out.

And remember, the absolute most important thing is to enjoy the day, have fun and be happy! You’re creating amazing memories that will last a lifetime!

Good luck organizing your party!


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