Dancyfood switch from Dutch to English

Dancyfood switch from Dutch to English

Dancyfood switch from Dutch to English!

Now here’s a question I still get asked a lot and therefore I decided to write a post about it. “Why is Dancyfood in English and not in Dutch anymore?“.

Dancyfood started off as a Dutch blog in 2013. Soon after, I started my Dutch YouTube channel. I wrote and filmed everything in Dutch. However, because of my career and travels I noticed that the amount of my English speaking following was growing.  Many of my friends and other people abroad were asking me if I could do an English version of Dancyfood so that they could read my blog or understand my videos as well. I personally see this as a huge compliment and of course I want to share Dancyfood with as many people as possible.

Most people in the Netherlands speak English and can understand at least the basics. Since English is a more universal language than Dutch I decided to switch everything to English. That way more people can enjoy all that’s on here. I also decided to switch my YouTube videos from Dutch to English.

That gets me to the next question: “Why do I still see Dutch content on Dancyfood?

Well…as I mentioned before, I started my blog and YouTube channel in Dutch. I’ve put a lot of effort and love into everything I made and because of that I didn’t feel the need to delete the older stuff. I have marked all Dutch content, so that you’ll know what you’re about to see or read is in Dutch.


What if I want to change the language of Dancyfood?

If English is hard to understand then no worries, you can change the language yourself! I have added a change-language-button in the top right corner of my blog. Simply click on the button, then pick your favorite language and it will automatically translate my whole blog. (Please, keep in mind that everything is translated from english and that not all translations are perfect. I am trying to figure out a way to make all translations perfect, but for now this is all I can do.)

If you want my YouTube videos to have subtitles, then simply turn on the subtitles function on YouTube itself. This way, you can both watch my old (Dutch) and new (English) videos.


I hope that this has explained the language situation on Dancyfood. Please let me know if something is still unclear or if you have any questions left. If not, then I hope you’ll enjoy my posts!



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