10 reasons why fall is awesome!

10 reasons why fall is awesome!

Today it’s officialy fall. Looking at the weather outside, it definitely feels like summer is over and fall is on its way. At least, in The Netherlands that it. So, who’s ready for the upcoming fall? I know that I’m not! I love hot summer days where you can have fun at the beach and see the most amazing sunsets. I’m not ready yet to switch my bikini’s for big, chunky clothes. I know that many people feel the same about the summer ending. However, I also think that every season has something special to it and fall is no different! Which is why I will give you my 10 reasons for why I think fall is also really awesome!


10. Beautiful Nature

why fall is awesomeWith fall comes the change of nature. The leaves on the trees will change into all different beautiful colors and that will completely change the whole look of our outside world. In fall, I love to take walks in the forest to enjoy all the beautiful colors. The falling leaves are a symbol of letting go of the old to make place for the new! So go and take a walk through the forest, it will refresh your mind, body and soul. And don’t worry if it rains, the big trees will often protect you from it!


9. Fresh crispy mornings

fall mornings One of the things I personally really love in fall is waking up to fresh and crispy air. Mornings in summer are hot and sometimes sticky, but you won’t have this problem in fall. The air smells fresh and feels chilly and crispy, sometimes even with sunshine. A fresh start for a new day!


8. Sweater Weather

10 reasons why fall is awesomeFall also means colder weather, which means that you can take out your big chunky knits and cover yourself in comfortable coziness!


7. Cozy Nights in

dog cozyIn fall there will be less sunlight every day. Chances are that there isn’t much daylight left when you come home from school or work. And let’s be honest, how good does it feel to come home, pour yourself a hot drink, light some candles and hop on the couch covered under a big blanket while watching a movie. #PerfectFall


6. New movies and TV shows

movie night

TV networks and production companies know that more people will stay in during fall which means that they will bring out more new movies and TV shows! I can’t wait for the new seasons of my favorite TV shows to start again! Which TV show are you excited for? Did anyone say Riverdale or Sabrina?! Yasss, bring it Netflix!


5. Candles

candle fallNow that it’s dark sooner, you can make everything feel warm and cozy by lighting your favorite scented candles. Staying warm inside with the coziness of candles while you know that its cold outside is an amazing feeling.


4. Rain falling against your window

10 reasons why fall is awesomeYou can’t deny how good and comforting it feels to lay warm in your bed while hearing the rain tick against your window. Especially on those off-days where you have no appointments and can just lay in bed forever!


3. More hot beverages

10 reasons why I think fall is awesome and I'm sure you will tooFall is the time for hot drinks and soups. All the liquid goodness to warm up our bodies and comfort our souls! What is your favorite soup?


2. Holiday Season is coming

halloween dogsI absolutely love the holidays! As soon as the first breeze of cold air touches my skin, I start to get excited for them. I love Christmas, Thanksgiving AND HALLOWEEN! Since it is the first holiday to come up I will let you know that I am obsessed with Halloween! Ever since I first celebrated it in The USA. For me it is the first holiday that announces a time of being with loved ones, coziness, good food and superfun! Which holiday do you look forward to most?


1. Pumpkin-Everything

10 reasons why I think fall is awesome and I'm sure you will tooI guess that I speak for most of us when I say that the thing that makes fall special the most is that everything comes in pumpkin flavor! Pumpkin soup, pumpkin latté’s, pumpkin scented candles, pumpkin fields, pumpkin socks do I need to continue?..

So, the next time you feel sad for summer to be over, go over this list again and start to feel excited about the new upcoming season with all her beauty and goodness! What are you looking forward to most? Let me know in the comments and let’s get excited for fall together!


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