Valentine’s Challenge ft. Margot Hanekamp


Today I will be doing the Valentine’s Challenge!! I won’t be doing this alone, but together with Margot Hanekamp. She went to Miss World after me, so who would be better in spreading the love than the two of us right?! Watch the video if you want to see how we’re doing that! Who do you think is going to win?! Enjoy!

Snowman Challenge ft. Charity

This week I’m doing the Snowman Challenge with my friend Charity! We’re going to try and build one that is taller than me! I am 1.78 cm. myself so it has to be quite the tall snowman for it to become taller than me! Do you think we can do it? Watch the video and find out! Enjoy!

Pie Face Challenge ft. Sarah Kohan

Today I have another superfun challenge for you! I will be doing the Pie Face Challenge with Sarah Kohan. Who do you think is going to win this week?!

The video starts in Dutch, but I’ve added subtitles. So turn them on and you’ll understand all of it! Enjoy!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!!

On New Year’s Eve I stayed home with friends until 12 because I didn’t want to leave my cat Shumi alone. She always gets so scared because of all the fireworks. After like 1 am I partied with friends until after the sun came up again and had a great time! How did you celebrate New Year’s eve? Did you go out too or did you stay in or did you not celebrate at all and just went to sleep? Whatever you did, I wish you all an amazing new year with lots of positivity and happiness! May 2018 become your best year so far!!

Superfun on New Year's Eve 2018 with my friend Nila!
Superfun on New Year’s Eve 2018 with my friend Nila!

Happy New Year & The Oliebollen Challenge! (Mukbang)

Today I have another fun challenge for you! I have been dared to do the Oliebollen Challenge where I will be eating as many Oliebollen as possible. Oliebollen are a Dutch dough treat that is eating around New Year’s. How many do you think I can eat?

The video is in Dutch but I have added English subtitles to the video. Enjoy and I wish you all an amazing New Year’s Eve and much love and happiness for 2018!!

Merry Christmas & The Chubby Bunny Challenge!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Omdat het kerst is heb ik iets leuks voor jullie! Sinds kort ben ik van het Nederlands naar het Engels geswitched, maar omdat velen vroegen of ik toch nog iets in het Nederlands wilde doen heb ik besloten om 1 keer per week een video in het Nederlands te uploaden!! Ik zal elke week een leuke challenge doen. Deze week is dit de Chubby Bunny Challenge die ik samen met vriendinnetje Nila heb opgenomen. Wie denken jullie dat er gaat winnen? Kijk nu de video om erachter te komen! Oh, en als jij nog leuke challenges weet, waarvan jij denkt die MOET je echt doen, vertel het me dan in de comments! Enjoy!!

Nowadays I mostly upload English videos. However, many of my Dutch followers asked me for Dutch videos. So from now one I I will be uploading a Dutch video once a week. These videos will all be fun challenges! Today I will be doing the Chubby Bunny Challenge with my friend Nila. Who do you think is going to win? Check out the video below. I have added subtitles to the video, so that everyone can enjoy the video! If there’s a challenge you think I definitely should do, then leave it behind in the comments. Enjoy and have a merry merry Christmas!!